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In individual therapeutic sessions, I always focus on the individual characteristics of the patient and the therapeutic relationship, both of which are considered key elements of change and client motivation. Integrative psychotherapy is not a technique applied to a passive patient. The client is considered an active participant in the therapeutic process, and the approach is adapted according to his specific needs.


In these sessions techniques are used with a mostly cognitive-behavioral basis, in order to facilitate the implementation of practical actions that promote total abstinence and a healthy lifestyle. Cannabis use disruption is addressed with an empirically validated program (CANDIS) that has achieved significant results in the treatment of this problem.


Anxiety is an adaptive emotion, however when in excess, it can be debilitating to the point if it avoids social situations that can trigger symptoms. This tendency to avoid the anxiety-inducing stimulus is precisely the mechanism through which disproportionate anxiety is fed. The aim of these sessions is to develop strategies through which customers feel able to face and end up dominating these environments.


In the case of specific phobias, only one exposure session can have significant therapeutic results, eliminating the phobia completely. When the aversive stimulus cannot be presented live, virtual reality offers an effective therapeutic alternative in the treatment of this problem. In these sessions we will work with a program of virtual reality environments in order to extinguish phobic associations through progressive exposure to the object of fear.


In coaching sessions, I apply an action-oriented personal development approach with the aim of supporting the client in personal and professional improvement and overcoming, allowing the maximization of their potential through the optimization of their own resources.


My entire approach contains a strong prevalence of mindfulness techniques, guided meditation, and positive visualization. Therapeutic techniques with oriental origins, when supported by empirical evidence, are incorporated in almost all sessions on the Psychologist's Sofa.

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